Susan Stanton

Author: CFFPP . Date: May 22, 2017

Susan Stanton’s work at the Center focuses on several areas of public policy, including social welfare programs, employment, and financial services, as they impact parents of color struggling to achieve economic security for themselves and their children. Her work supports CFFPP’s projects funded by the Kellogg and Ford Foundations. Sue’s experiences in PK-16 settings as a student, teacher, academic advisor, researcher, administrator and mom inspire and sustain her passionate drive to understand the ways in which policies structure society and impact people’s lives, oftentimes inequitably and unjustly and not in line with stated purposes and objectives. Sue’s interest and curiosity developed early, as a kindergartener watching her new African American friends travelling to and from school every day on a bus while she and the other white students walked a few blocks each way. Her role as community engaged scholar has created additional opportunities for her to span the boundaries that often divide, especially race and class. Living most of her life in Wisconsin, she is a proud graduate of Milwaukee Public Schools and went on to earn a BS in Secondary Education Social Studies and a master’s in Educational Policy Studies from UW-Madison. With the support of many, she looks forward to completing the trifecta with a PhD from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.