CFFPP on “Fatherhood is More Than a Paycheck,” TalkPoverty Radio and podcast

Author: CFFPP . Date: June 20, 2016’s Nino Rodriguez, Senior Policy Associate, appeared on the TalkPoverty Radio show and podcast, which went live on June 17, 2016. Listen now here: the segment on low-income fathers begins at 29:14.

The segment of the show is titled “Fatherhood is More than a Paycheck,” and examines the challenges that low-income fathers face in dealing with family court and child support enforcement agencies. Also featured on the program are: Keeshea Turner Roberts, Managing Attorney for Neighborhood Legal Services Program (NLSP) of Washington, D.C.; and Eric Humes, a father, former NLSP client, and current NLSP Board member. Rodriguez touched on a variety of topics including: unemployment and ability to pay; how using child support payments to reimburse the government for cash benefits (TANF) can negatively impact children and families; and whether job services for fathers should be provided by child support enforcement agencies or if this creates a harmful legal conflict of interest.

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