The Center for Family Policy and Practice is a nonprofit advocacy organization that was founded in 1995 to incorporate the needs of low-income men of color into conversations about poverty solutions. Our work addresses systemic and structural barriers to economic security, with a particular focus on child support and social welfare policies.


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Comments on Proposed Rule for Child Support Enforcement

CFFPP comments on pending federal regulations that will affect child support enforcement programs—and children, parents and families—across the nation. The proposed rules include new requirements resulting from the Supreme Court’s Turner v. Rogers decision, as well as new options for states’ programs. Among CFFPP’s concerns are how states will actually implement requirements to consider low-income noncustodial parents’ “subsistence needs” and “actual income.”

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What We Want to Give Our Kids

This paper shows how child support enforcement policies and practices can plunge some of society’s most economically vulnerable fathers and their families deeper into poverty. The report highlights the experiences of 35 low-income African American fathers struggling with the child support system in six cities across five states. It explores how child support can act as a debt anchor that limits future life chances for children of the poorest black fathers, perpetuating poverty across generations.

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